Company Overview

LaserCard is seeking to become a global leader in a proprietary technology. The technology will revolutionize the credit card and the personal identification industries. The applications of the technology are very broad and varied.

The Company has developed a technology that is designed to allow every consumer to carry one card (the "Card"). The Card will have the ability to function as a single credit card or for multiple credit cards. It could also function as a debit card, ATM card, security access card, personal identification card, and other numerous applications. The Card is the size of an existing credit card. It functions just like a credit card allowing it to be swiped by retailers with the same equipment that they currently use. However, the Card has a biometric sensor that will allow usage of the credit card only by authorizing the fingerprint of the owner. Additionally, after the owner enables the Card, it automatically deactivates itself after each transaction, thereby preventing misuse by theft of the Card.

The Company's patented technology is revolutionary because it can eliminate billions of dollars of plastic card fraud each year. It also provides the owner with the ultimate in security, preventing theft of one's personal identification. The Card does not contain any confidential information that can be stolen, misused, or abused by any person. Similarly, the fingerprint sensor is based on a reading of multiple points of a person's fingerprint. While the fingerprint authentication acts as a very secure authenticating mechanism of the identity of the owner, it does not allow anyone to falsely obtain the actual fingerprint of the person. Additionally, a true fingerprint cannot be developed from the digitized memory. The Card provides the ultimate in safety and security. It simultaneously provides great convenience to the owner because the owner can essentially carry in one card the ability to use his or her American Express card, VISA card, MasterCard, ATM card, debit card, retail store cards, and much more.

The vision of the Company is to have its technology utilized by every credit card, debit card and security card company in the world. The Company's technology is a vast improvement over the Smart Card and RFID, which require special readers and are far less secure. There are currently several billion credit cards in use worldwide and the number continues to grow rapidly.