Protect your credit card from thieves.


Plastic card fraud is everywhere. Mail theft, skimming & cloning, security breach or dishonest employee at the retailer, bank, or card company, spyware, malware, key loggers on computers, PIN hacks and fraudulent card readers on ATM's. The list goes on and on.

LaserCard will eradicate the conventional causes of transactional credit and debit card fraud. Our proprietary technology solution will revolutionize the credit card and personal identification industries.

Everything for LaserCard to function is contained in the card. No changes to the magnetic stripe infrastructure, no changes to card readers and ATM's, no change for the retailers, and no external databases required. Beta testing can essentially be deployed anywhere.

Financial institutions will save huge sums of money while cost of implementation and continual use is minimal. It provides the ultimate in security, convenience, and safety. It is the solution to enormous problems plaguing the financial and security industries. The technology is state of the art and as easy to use as a credit card or other form of personal identification.

To date we know of no other technology that personally ties the card to the user and protects the entire financial transaction chain from start to finish. We know of no other company that offers this level of security.

LaserCard is seeking to become a global leader in fully secured credit cards. Our proprietary technology will revolutionize security for the credit card and personal identification industries.